About Us

Synthetic textiles open up a wealth of possibilities for nearly every engineering project imaginable. From providing innovative offerings in industrial packaging, to groundbreaking fabric formwork solutions, synthetic textiles can help any project achieve its objectives quicker without risking sustainability.

What We Do

FabriFlex Engineering Sdn. Bhd. specialise in delivering prevision-engineered synthetic textiles and synthetic textile bags that are suitable for erosion protection, hydraulic engineering application, product packaging and much more.

We offer top-of-the-line industrial textile solutions that perform without compromise across a range of industries including civil engineering, industrial packaging, and oil and gas. Our specialty fabric formwork solutions are also well-suited to construction demands of all types.


Where We Shine / Who We Are

Our products are created to meet the highest standards of industrial product packaging, coastline protection, dewatering processes, and pipeline support among others.

FabriFlex is based in Malaysia and aims to become a leader in the field of synthetic industrial textiles and fabric formwork applications globally.